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Lol such a bad guide. I'll give you a better one along with one key item that Smokey influenced on me. This build wins me games and lanes. Here goes.
Note: This is my item build. You can choose to use it or not. It all depends on your farm/last hit skill.

My personal role for him: Initiation/Semi-Carry (Support/Carry)/Disabler - You can play both support and a sub-carry role. A brief influence. http://www.dota2wiki.com/wiki/Jakiro. Godscreams build of sandals is a terrible choice.

Ok at the beginning - Level 1-11
Beginning Item Build:
-Shin Guards
-2 pouches
-2 Mana Pills for fire spam
-3 Meats

After 3-4 minutes in your solo lane, you should have bottle by now. I have bottle by 2 minutes since I usually gain first blood/team buys me bird/all of the creeps from the first few waves.

Sub-Beginning: This is around 11 minutes into the game. 11-16. This is the period where your farm matters the most.
-Shins - You don't need Remi in a pub game. Only in an inhouse where it matters since it provides a health bonus/regen.
-2 Pouches
-Bottle - Keep it full ALWAYS if you want to live. It has helped me SO many times.
-Idates - I'll tell you why. While mana boots/treads provide you more mana, this comes with a cost - which is your movement speed and you're significantly slower as is. While Idates lacks stat bonuses, Kakuzus ultimate is very good for mana regeneration. I'll go into this some more when I talk about skill build. Also, you'll have bottle for mana and health consumption.

Mid Game: 17-30 - Core
-Shins - Sell later in mid game.
-Amplified Silver Watch - Faster HP/Mana Regeneration.
-Bottle - HP/MP regeneration
-Idates - Movement speed and damage.
-Blink Dagger - Reason? Kakuzu is an initiating and a hero who provides mass DPS early game. He is a big daddy to your little sister carry. You can initiate and provide more damage/stuns with blink stun chasing. Therefore, this provides you with a hero and creep farm at the same time. You can also escape and its a more handy item than AC.
-Hokage Armor - This is your trump card. While you are really SQUISHY in early game and although it makes you more susceptible to ganks, this armor buff gives you 15 BONUS ARMOR which counters a Zabuza's track significantly! Also, it decreases the enemies armor therefore providing a significant advantage for your team. I'm not sure but when I have Hokage Armor, I tend to do more magic damage to people with lower armor/HP which is rather wierd tbh. I'll send a replay to Muzk/Anzu about that.

Late Game: 30 and beyond. You should have over 200 cs if you farmed/supported the team with probably a bit of kills. You are typically a semi-carry/initiation. Again, it all depends on player skill. I tend to have over 250-330 cs end game as Kakuzu.

Luxury Build:
Again, build depends on farm/kills. Bottle should be sold at this point since it no longer gives you a refreshing boost compared to the start of the game.
-Chakra Armor - Counters single target spells.
-Hokage Armor - Gives you and your team a boost of armor and debuffs the other team. Makes you harder to kill with your stuns. (Support/Semi-Carry)
-Blink Dagger
-Sage Scroll - Disable, Disable, Disable! It makes a difference.
-Idates- Move speed plays a big role!
-Solar - While you progress through the game, you will encounter magic invulnerability and resistence which makes your job a bit more difficult. Therefore, with the attack speed from your Hokages, you deal around 200 damage (at level 20) per hit with Solar. This game is now depending on a mixture of physical and magic DPS. With your ult, you become a mid-ranged DPS-er like Sarutobis Enma pole.

The final item is up to you. It can range from an Essence of Brutality to a Gelel or Tobis mask. Personally, I like to experiment. My last item tends to be a Solar Blade.

Here is the skill build.
1.Level 1 Fire
2.Level 1 Stun
3.Level 2 Fire
4.Level 2 Stun
5.Level 3 Fire
6.Ultimate - Priority. You need the mana. Especially for level 4 fire. You should also have Amp/Bottle/Idates around this point. Keep your ultimate at level 1 and devour creeps ALL time if you are out of mana. This is the point where you overpower your ranged through mass DPS/Stuns along with your ults bonuses.
7.Level 4 Fire
8.Level 3 Stun
9.Level 1 Raiton
10.Level 4 Stun
11.Stats - Reason why instead of ultimate? You gain more stat bonuses, life and mana are essential to your hero. Also, while you upgrade the ultimate, the cost to use it is GREATER. You cannot have low mana. All your moves should be maxed personally before you level this to max. You should have around 1.5k mana with my build mid-late game transition. While it gives you a longer time in the devouring state, it comes with a cost of mana. If you have 200 mana, you can get rid of your creeps to prevent the enemy from farming while you spam your combos.
13.Level 2 Raiton
14.Level 3 Raiton
15.Level 4 Raiton
17. Ultimate
18. Ultimate - Level 3 ultimate costs 300 mana.
19-25. Stats

By the end of the game, you should win the game if your team is decent.
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Kakuzu Guide
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