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 Warning System

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PostSubject: Warning System    Warning System  EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 10:06 am

Admins can warn, suspend and ban people without a limitation.

Global Moderators are able to Warn 4 times a day and suspend people without a limitation.
They can not ban people.

Section Moderators can warn twice a day and revoke the posting rights.
They can neither ban nor suspend people. Also, they can only warn within their section, not outside of it.

Posting for money is a warnable offense.

If a member got 4 (100%) warnings we will suspend him for 12 days.
Also we will also remove 2 (50%) of his warnings.

A warn remains for 14 days.
Then it will lose it's relevance and we will delete it.

We will follow a strict no exceptions policy.
Sticking to the rules makes our and your life a lot easier.


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Warning System
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