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 [POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!

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Which boots do you prefer ??
No boots !! I am rushing firstly stats items and imba items like kusa, twin before getting boots.
[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_lcap0%[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_rcap
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Jiraya Sandals !! I don't like boots but i do like boobs !! I wanna be like ero-sennin, always having some skills and spells ready to fire !! All the girls will be looking at my eternal mana reloading !!
[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_lcap25%[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_rcap
 25% [ 3 ]
Trends !! I am the one hitting as much as possible, the one who is pushing lanes in silence, the one who is harassing ennemies until near death !!
[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_lcap33%[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_rcap
 33% [ 4 ]
Idate Sandals !! I am the fast guy running away or chasing the left ones dying !! I love attack power and im gonna prove it on the battlefield by running and hitting !!
[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_lcap25%[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_rcap
 25% [ 3 ]
4th Legacy !! I am the rich guy who thinks far. I like to be on all the map, i wanna confuse my ennemies, disappear in silence then appear behind ennemy lines. I am the fastest guy in the world, nobody can catch me !!
[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_lcap17%[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  I_vote_rcap
 17% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

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NWU Staff

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[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  Empty
PostSubject: [POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!    [POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 11:00 am

The Eternal question : jira sandals vs trends vs idate vs 4th needs to be rethinked.
Here's a strategy guide on those advanced boots Smile

Quote :

Jira sandals

+250 mana max
[active] gives 135 mana in 600 aoe, costs 25 mana (45 sec cd)

Pros: give you mana reload for you AND your team
+250 mana
good item for spaming spells especially begin game
good item for team support as refilling mana
suited for intel ppl, jiro, spam spellers players

Cons; Very low MS boots.
Late game, your stats in intel are generally enough for your mana spell needs
You can gain mana by sticking with a teamate who already have it
There are other intel items which can give you mana or regen mana

Quote :


[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  Btnwir10

+60 MS
+25 AS
+10 in stats chosen (possible to change stats)

pros: give you moderate MS and good AS
Gives +6 stats on intel, str or agi : you can change the mode of the trends whenever you want
Those are the only boots who will give you AS
Good item for farming, pushing and harassing especially begin mid game.
Suited for tanks, pushers, farmers... i personnaly love it on asu

Cons: Slowest adavanced boots...
Still, people can outrun you if they get idate (which is the most common boots ppl chose)
Not a good item if you want tu chase someone or run away.
MS will be very important late game so be sure you have a plan B to escape

Quote :

Idate Sandals

[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  Ssanda10

Hasten skill, gives +10%MS for 6 sec (12 sec cd)

Pros: Give good MS for a cheap price
Give you +24 attack, sounds good if your skills are related on attack like zab crit, hina ulti/rush...
Gives you a slight boost +10% speed when you want to chase or run away
The most appreciated boots on nwu.
Suited for gangers, finishers, nukers.

Cons: No AS, no stats gained, no hp or mana gain.
If this item is only related with speed, make sure you'll have enough stats and mana to counter ennemies harass.

Quote :

4th Legacy

teleport skill (50 sec cd)

Pros: Boots who give the highest MS in game !
Teleport skill anywhere on map where u can target ally creep or building.
TIP: you can use a friendly or leaver courrier to teleport to a precise location Exclamation
2nd TIP: You can combine scroll+teleport. They don't have same cd and you can teleport 2 times without waiting.
Suited for farmers, pushers and maybe carries.
Good item for pushing a lane while ennemies are busy.
Good item to confuse ennemies and make them run all along the map.

Cons: No AS, no stats gained, no hp or mana gain.
Recipe at 2200 gold. Costs a lot of money...
About 5sec waiting for teleport.

PS: need a link on 4th legacy and jira sandals pictures, cant find it on the net Very Happy
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[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!    [POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!  EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 7:26 pm

all situational

Another pro for Idates: best last hit boots for farming because of +24 damage.

Except I can say that I usually don't get 4th's Legacy unless I have a lot of money left over. If I do get it, it's because I have 5 items with a slot saved for TP scrolls. Then I'd sell my boots for 4th Legacy so I can get a free up a slot I've been reserving for carrying just TP scrolls.
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[POLL+DEBATE] Puss in Boots !!
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