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 Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.5

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PostSubject: Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.5   Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:36 pm

Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.5


Game Features
- Added magic resistance command: -mr, to see the magic resistance bonus of your hero.
- HostBot Command Libary added. -arpmnr should work.
- Afk command only show messages to the player who types -afk

- Itachi magic reduction fixed.
- Onoki Stalagmite armor "ACTION" text removed.
- Onoki Turn to dust level 4 attack reduction fixed.
- Deidara C3 damage fixed.
- Repick bug in All Pick mode fixed.
- Flak Jacket magic reduction fixed.
- Shodaime's Mokuton: Fukushuu Senbon and Shinobi Alliance kill bug fixed.
- Onoki's Turn to dust level attack reduction now reduce damage in 21%.
- Solved a bug that doesn't allow Akatsuki team spawn mega creeps.
- Gai ultimare movespeed bonus fixed.
- Fixed a bug that allows use Suigetsu's ultimate and A's ultimate on magic inmune units.
- Fixed Sand Eyes shop cooldown.

- Itachi Sharingan magic reduction decreased to 12/20/28/36.
- Itachi Tsukiyomi doesn't cripple anymore.
- Anko Twin Snakes now kill targets units.
- Jirobo Rakanken cooldown increased from 7 to 17 seconds all levels and manacost from 50 to 50/90/130/170.
- Haku Makyou Hyoushou (ultimate) cooldown changed from 150/120/90 to 120 seconds all levels.
- Temari ultimate cooldown changed from 150/115/80 to 130 seconds all levels.

Tooltips Fixed
- Guy's Dynamic Entry.
- Yamato's Seed Sprout.
- Raikage's Raiga Bomu.
- Danzo's Izanagi.
- Gaara's Ryuusa Bakuryu.
- Gaara's Suna no Yoroi.
- Kisame Five Feeding Sharks.
- Orochimaru's Nan Kaizou.

- Changed Kakashi hotkeys to: Z/X/C/V


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Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.5
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