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 Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.9

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PostSubject: Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.9   Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:50 am

NWU 1.3.9

Now you are allowed to use Medicine and Solder Pill with full HP/Chakra (no error display).
Item system has been optimiced.
Added Disabled items when a player pick a items that don't belong to him.
Added Item transfer ability to courier units.
Added -courier command to disable/enable a icon when your courier isn't traveling.
Now players name has the hero name in the end. For example: muZk (Itachi).
Circle of Power's Pick Item ability picks all your items in Fountain zone except items carried by your own hero.
Added animation to shops when they are selected.

Raiton no Yoroi
-Increased cooldown from 13 seconds to 20 seconds all levels.
-Decreased stun duration from 0.4 to 0.25 all levels.
-Increased damage required from 200 to 350 all levels.

Deadly accuracy
-Descreased duration from 4 seconds to 2/2.5/3.25/4 seconds

-Reduced Baku reward from 100 to 40

Food Supply
-Increased heal from 90 to 100.

Komu no jutsu's effets has been changed. Now it reduces magic resistance by 28/40/52/64% and each second units gain back 7/10/13/16% mr.

Fixed a bug with Bottle and Food Supply.
Fixed Circle of Power's pick item ability tooltip.
Fixed Madara's colision path.

Remember you can report bugs [http://www.nwu-forum.net/t886-bugs-nwu-139]here[/url]. Exclamation

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Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.9
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